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Day Care and Nursery School in Nutley, New Jersey

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If you are looking to enroll your child into the most honest and caring preschool nursery, we are the place for you. When you submit your application, registration fee, and security deposit we will then hold your child’s spot. We also require that you present medical records and permission slips for upon enrollment.

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Field Trips

Our field trips are a great way for children to experience and visit new places. We transport our children for Halloween and Christmas trips; we also hold our graduations at Nutley Elks. At Clendinning Nursery School we make sure to incorporate family participation with events such as fun time functions and an ice show. These extracurricular activities are fun, safe, and enjoyable for the children.

Preschool Sick Chidren

Sick Child Policy

If your child falls ill while under our care, we ask that parents pick them up immediately. Symptoms that require us to phone you include vomiting, fever and diarrhea. Sick children are asked to be kept at home for a minimum of 24 hours after symptoms have subsided. This policy adds to the well-being and health of both staff and children in our facility.

About Clendinning Nursery School

At Clendinning Nursery School we have provided each of our families with the most dependable and nurturing preschool in the Nutley area. Whether you are looking to socialize your child, create time for you to run errands or simply need a child care centers to work with your business hours, we are the place for you. Established in 1937 our business is the most trusted nursery school in the area. You can expect your child to be in the most comforting and secure environment in our day care.

Because of our years in business, we have built a reputable name for ourselves. As a trusting and dependable child care provider, we supply kids and their families with full and half day options to meet their needs. Our enrollment process is simple, and we follow a strict sick-child policy for the well-being of our entire child care center. When you are ready to enroll your child in the best family day care, choose Clendinning Nursery School today. Call now to learn more about our enrollment process, and what it takes to get your child’s spot put on hold!

  • Flexible Hours
  • Early Drop off / Late Pick up Available
  • Letter People Program
  • Home-Like Environment
  • Summer Programs Available
  • And More ...

Child Care Center

Our child care center is proud to offer families with young children, a dependable and nurturing environment to learn and grow. Established in 1937 we are guaranteed to provide you child with fun yet mentally enriching time. We provide our children with an introduction to a curriculum that includes shapes, numbers, colors, letters and so much more. We have an outstanding library, art room, and computer classes as well. Often we book entertainers to sing and put on shows for the children.

As a full-service child care center, we provide children with a learning environment great for learning social skills, motor skills, and how to solve problems at an age appropriate level. While we do not provide food, your child should be sent to daycare with a packed lunch. We can hold up to 38 children at any given time and separate groups by age for a more tailored experience for your child. Speak with us today at (973) 798-8368 and learn more about our incredible nursery and child daycare center.  

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